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I'm an avid reader and aspiring author with an unhealthy devotion to the written word. From the classics to guilty pleasures and all points in between...I just love to read.   My primary focus at the moment is male/male romance, usually with a paranormal element thrown in. This is a place for me to rave about books I loved and rant about those I didn't. 

Micah (Marius Brothers, #1) - Joyee Flynn Pre-Read Thoughts: The blurb sounds pretty interesting -demon hunting vampires. I'm in. I have a weird love/hate thing going with Joyee Flynn: I tend to really like the concepts of her books and not always enjoy the execution. To be fair, a lot of the reason why is b/c she writes in the first person-A LOT-and there are few things I hate more than first person POV. Yet, I keep reading (and buying) her books lol.

Post Read Thoughts: This was a solid start to a new series. There's enough info to get a feel for the world that the books exist in but there's still room for more knowledge and lore to be added as books progress. I liked the take this book had on demons and vampires so that interesting and I liked the idea of vampires having special gifts .

Riley and Micah were an enjoyable couple even though I do think they could have had a little depth to them. I really liked Riley and one thing I can say that I appreciated about this book was it went a bit against shifter/mate trope in that even though Riley is the smaller and physically weaker of the two, he is not submissive to Micah in any way. In fact, of the two of them, I think Riley is more a true Alpha Male even though Micah is the warrior and the one who did the stereotypical "mine, mine, no one but me" routine. Riley is the more confident of the two where Micah surprisingly turns out to be more of a nurturer. Even though from the backstory and the onset it seems as it Riley would be the one in need of constant reassurance, it turns out that it's Micah that's plagued by self-doubt and worry.

Overall I liked the book. I'd say it's one of the better books I've read by Joyee Flynn (but again A LOT of that is coming from my loathing of first person POV. It tends to make her books a little harder for me to enjoy) and it definitely got me curious to know more about the world. It introduced a few characters that I'm really curious about and want to see more of :Caleb, Remus, Stefan, ect so I'll be reading more books in the series.

Thoughts While Reading:

IT'S NOT IN THE FIRST PERSON!!! I'd like to thank God and also Jesus.

Interesting demon lore. Micah sounds pretty bad*ss. We're off to a good start.

Oh noes.

OH oh oh...honey uh...your mate...not a girl. This might be a problem.

Okay Riley is officially adorable. I think though by now it's like the unwritten rule of shifter books that at least one of the mates comes in Darren Criss size :)

Dang it! I almost always fall for the itty bitty mate. Riley is no exception. After that story about cookies and his Big Mama's rose bush how can I NOT fall for him? Micah...don't mess this up for us.

We're about the same height Riley and after that description if Micah doesn't want you I do :)

Incoming: tragic backstory.

Now see, I know that story was designed to pull on my heartstrings and make me feel all protective of Riley and I swore as I was reading that I wouldn't fall for it...but that was a lie. I fell for it. Poor Riley :(

Okay Ms. Marian I like you. I haven't met you yet, but I like you.

Aww crap here we go. Micah, be easy. Don't ruin for this for us.

*holds Riley close and pets him* It'll be okay baby.

Micah homie...I know you're straight. But I'm gonna need you fix this or I'm gonna fix you *glares at gigantic vampire warrior*

Okay in all fairness, I realize that Micah has a lot to deal with and it's not realistic or fair to want him perfectly fine with having a male for a mate after identifying as straight for 400 years. I know this. I just...Riley *sniff*. I get irrational when I get attached to characters. And the irrational side of me wants Micah be okay with it and be okay with it NOW.

Caleb, stop laughing at your friend. He was on the good drugs. He probably would have kissed you and not remembered it if you'd gotten your lips close enough to his LOL.

Okay if Micah cares whether or not he ruined his chances then there's still hope :)

Okay Caleb is a good friend.

That's right, Riley. He's a Marius. You just moved on up like George and Weezie.

Brrrr, Riley. The Artic is warmer than you right now hon.

Aww...that's sweet. Fastest turn around in history but sweet.

whoa captain caveman pump your brakes! Micah...calm down dude. He's been alive for centuries. Surely you didn't think he was celibate all that time. Get yourself together and knock that off.

That's right Riley, you tell him! Begin as you mean to go on b/c I have a feeling Micah will run you right over if you let him.

That escalated quickly.

Slow claps it out for Riley. You go baby. Stand up for yourself. Micah...I'm gonna need you to do better. NOW.

Okay true facts: I like Caleb better than Micah at this point. But we're only 30 pages so Micah has plenty of time to turn it around. I don't dislike him...he's just not sitting at the cool kids table yet.

I interrupt this review for the following public service announcement: A person can identify as more than just gay, straight or bisexual. Maybe Micah is pan. Maybe he's poly. Maybe he's demi. There's a whole spectrum to the rainbow...just b/c he's now mated to and apparently attracted to a man doesn't mean he automatically identifies as or is gay.

Desmond you are Glen Coco. Four for you Desmond, you go Desmond.

Okay Micah, the fact that you called your dad and are trying to figure out how to get out of the hole you dug for yourself is gaining you some good will w/me.

Praise for adult conversation where everyone is treated like an equal.

Micah *facepalm* that was the opposite of helpful. But you are growing on me :)

Gangsta Granny lol.

Poor Gram. Aww Micah, for someone who doesn't know how to do warm fuzzies you're managing rather well right now.

*turns the lights down low and puts on Robin Thicke* :Let the mating sex begin

Okay well there is no big gay freak out happening here. MOre like big, gay get your freak on.

Micah...I'm not saying you're a liar but are you SURE you've never been with a man? Because you are putting it on Riley like a boss and you didn't even watch a Jake Bass video or Google or anything. I"m just saying...these are not amateur moves you're pulling out brah.

Now that orgasms have been had we are apparently moving on to the educational part of the evening LOL.

OH well this is unexpected. Me likey. None of that "too Alpha Male to bottom" crap going on. 10/10 would recommend.

Whoa whoa whoa...Riley. That's the advanced class homie and he's only in the beginner...okay well I guess you do know best lol.

Micah...are we gonna have to talk about these possessive tendencies you have?

*sings Prince* Insatiable's my name when it comes to you lol...dang get it boys.

Aww Micah don't be insecure honey..that man is yours.

Okay are trying a pro move right now hon. You might want to start with s/thing a little

And we're home.

You boys didn't waste any time did you? LOL

Awkward family introductions made even more awkward by the re-telling of the demon story. She couldn't have just said she and Riley were all they had and everyone else had passed away? She had to give the nitty gritty deets before they even broke bread eh?

And the retelling of the rose bush story. I am noticing a trend. A trend i do not like.

Oh wow Stefan. I don't like you at all. Sashay away.

Remus you are okay in my book. Sashay you stay.

Aww Riley it's okay see no one wants you to go.

Riley...that was a dumb *** decision. Nick Fury would not approve.

I told you that was a dumb *** decision.

It's a trap Micah! You gone go anyway. But it's a trap. I bet it's that demon you were hunting in the beginning of the book.

Micah honey beating the brakes off of Stefan won't help anything. I understand your desire to but it won't help.

Micah I'm gonna need you to be a little less diva and a little more warrior princess right now. Less Rachel Berry, more Xena m'kay?

Okay the Marius family is badass. I would like to talk you about the Avenger Initiative lol.

Micah, two words: Anger Management.

The first week?! What the what? *sobs* Riley!!! Baby no...wake up already.

FIVE WEEKS! How did I not realize it had been that long? Oh wow.

Get him Riley!

I have to say this vampires not using human technology seems shortsighted and stupid and very arbitrary. They'll use cars and cell phones but not MRI's or CAT scans?

Remus you are cheeky and I like you

Vampire healing must be awesome. Wake up from a coma and be ready to get freaky with your mate a few hours later lol.

LOL get him Gram! You know that's not really encouraging though b/c that means he HAS blown up something before.

Stefan...I see you trying to work your way back into my good graces. It just might work too b/c yeah...I'm that easy.

Aww Micah honey it's okay. He didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

Susan i don't know you but I feel bad for you go boy!

AWW that's sweet but Micah honey now is not the time lol

Okay that all wrapped up pretty neatly.

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