The View Through the Looking Glass

I'm an avid reader and aspiring author with an unhealthy devotion to the written word. From the classics to guilty pleasures and all points in between...I just love to read.   My primary focus at the moment is male/male romance, usually with a paranormal element thrown in. This is a place for me to rave about books I loved and rant about those I didn't. 

Fog: A Novel of Desire and Reprisal - Jeff Mann This one had some tough themes navigate through: torture, non-con, Stockholm Syndrome, substance abuse, domestic abuse, homophobia...there was a lot going on. I knew that going into the book though so that wasn't an issue for me but more sensitive readers should definitely beware.

The story in and of itself is very well written and pretty interesting. I think, for me, the resolution is where I'm most dissatisfied. And I fully admit that is due in large part to my own desires for what I would have felt like was a "fair" resolution to everything that Rob had to endure through no fault of his own. I kind of felt cheated with how things ended for Jay and was very conflicted with how they ended for Rob and "Al". So it's definitely not a bad book it's just one that left me very uncomfortable and conflicted at the end.

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