The View Through the Looking Glass

I'm an avid reader and aspiring author with an unhealthy devotion to the written word. From the classics to guilty pleasures and all points in between...I just love to read.   My primary focus at the moment is male/male romance, usually with a paranormal element thrown in. This is a place for me to rave about books I loved and rant about those I didn't. 

Werewolf at the Zoo - Charlie Richards This was a cute start to the series. Two shifter brothers find that both their mates- who happen to be brother and sister-work at the zoo where one of the shifters had been ended up after being kidnapped by poachers.

The bulk of the story is about Rainy and Travis which is a good thing b/c I did not care for Lisa (Travis' sister and Rainy's brother Cliff's mate) in the least. Her reacting to her brother coming out with hate speech-no matter how quickly she "saw the light" just cemented my dislike of her . This is a fairly straight forward shifter tale but one that has charm and appeal and that got me hooked on the series and that completely enjoyed reading.

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