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I'm an avid reader and aspiring author with an unhealthy devotion to the written word. From the classics to guilty pleasures and all points in between...I just love to read.   My primary focus at the moment is male/male romance, usually with a paranormal element thrown in. This is a place for me to rave about books I loved and rant about those I didn't. 

Forged in Steele - Lynn Hagen Pre-read thoughts:

The blurb already has me ready to flip a table. Say it with me: Bottoming does not make you less of a man OR make one the submissive partner. I know Doms who bottom and subs who top. Was that TMI? Oh well, point still stands.

Post read: After the last book I needed this series to get back on track and it did in a BIG way! I really enjoyed this one. It was humorous in places, and had good tension and pacing. Loved the relationship between Steele and Diablo and the cameos by the other characters. I did experience some irritation with the whole "manly man can't bottom" thing but not as much as I feared I would when reading the blurb. The plot twists kept coming in this one but I liked it and thought they were well done. The end... SQUEEE!!!

Thoughts while reading:

Oh Lord this is a Cecil good can come from this. Don't ever change Cecil, I adore you!

Oh not a whole 3 days! How have you handled the celibacy lol.

LOL @ Cecil talking like he's got warrants and he's a wanted man.

Why is Roxy always described as high maintenance like that's the worst thing a person can be? Mates have been con men, drug addicts, alcoholics, players, rage-aholics and actual sociopaths (Virgil) so why exactly is a high maintenance stripper "too much trouble"?

Diablo honey at least say hello before you take a non-consensual bite out of a guy!


You are a firce dragon shifter? Did you z-snap when you said that Diablo?

Ugh bottoming does NOT equal submission. Stop that. Let me sit you down and explain to you a thing: there is NOTHING submissive about being the bottom. Tell a Domme that if she has vaginal sex she's being "submissive" and see how quickly that conversation goes downhill.

Aw man Diablo I feel so bsd for you. I just want to hug you or something :(

Lol Steele it's just U & Ur Hand tonight

I like Paine and Steele

Cruel and Vengeance? Seriously?

Paine you are a good brother but PLEASE don't interfere.

Holy overreaction Batman! are the mayor of Offensive Wrongland. Someone needs to beat you with a clue by four b/c you are so beyond wrong.

OMG run Lester run quick, fast, hurry up!

Omg run guys run!

Christo why you tripping? Christian I like you more and more with every book.

Diablo is so smooth. He could get it. LOL just being honest.

That was hot and sweet.

Dang this Dragon Hunter is a jerk. Just dia already and leave Diablo and Steele alone.

OMG awkward lol.


Holy overreaction Batman!

NOOOOO fix it!

Bitch no you didn't. Somebody beat that wannabe Willow down!

Paine you are my new fave.

Are you kidding me? This is whole mess is over two crazy witches and a bad break up? Ya'll mofo's need Jesus.

Paine is not the time lol

Okay but she cursed an entire race over a guy? Damn girl it is NOT that serious. She really was a witch.


But there are 20 pages left...what's left to happen?

Oh come on! Damn Hunter needs a hobby. *Smeagol voice* Nobody likes you >.<<br/>
Not on the job Steele! You gone get fired son.

Worst. Cockblock. Ever.

Freaking Hunter man you really need to die.


Kick his butt Diablo! Aww yeah off with his head!

OMG adorable dragon baby is adorable!

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