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I'm an avid reader and aspiring author with an unhealthy devotion to the written word. From the classics to guilty pleasures and all points in between...I just love to read.   My primary focus at the moment is male/male romance, usually with a paranormal element thrown in. This is a place for me to rave about books I loved and rant about those I didn't. 

Jordan's Desires - Lynn Hagen Sticking with my new review format for this one so...

Pre-read thoughts:

Oh it's Bailey. I liked Bailey I hope Jordan is a good guy b/c Bailey deserves one. Oh snap Bailey's all jaded...thanks a lot Harley >.< I wonder if he's "cutting up clothes listening to Keisha Cole" jaded or "putting on my flyest gear and going out not giving a damn listening to Beyonce" jaded. There is a difference lol. This sounds interesting. Nothing rage inducing in the blurb, and it got me interested. Onward to the book!

Post read thoughts: Another winner. I liked how Jordan and Bailey grew together instead of instantly being in love. I liked that Jordan wasn't pushy and aggressive and truly gave Bailey understanding and time and Bailey didn't let his past ruin his future and that he wasn't a pushover or a mate that needed to be coddled. They were both strong and it felt like a relationship of equals. I like that it was, for once, the shifter in constant danger and not the mate. I also really liked how the Kenyon Conspiracy is shaping up. Finding out that some of the residents are spies and hunters made my jaw drop! I bet Fishman is I'm scared he'll win the election :/ This series is on the upswing and I'm loving it.
Thoughts while reading:

OMG begone Fishman before somebody drops a house on you. *Smeagol voice* Nobody likes you

Harley Grouper I hope someone puts Nair in your conditioner. You just had to be cheating jerk didn't you?

Aww I like you Travis.

Yay for not drinking and driving.

Bailey...just go with it hon. Don't ruin this for us, Bailey.

Aww poor Bailey *kicks Harley Grouper*

OMG I love how Jordan is so patient and understanding.

Harley or the stranger in the Lucky Clover is going to end up being the big bad in this story.

Aww yeah we have a breakfast date!

Ruh Roh...freaking vampires. We HAD a breakfast date :(

BAILEY! Put that gun down! Although I am proud of you for arming yourself and being all f*ck the police, I am not going be eaten or killed. If the zombie apocalypse ever comes I'm rolling with you.

Never mind Bailey, I can't roll with you. You shoot people all accidental like and I am too cute to catch a bullet.

Bailey put down the phone. What are you gonna tell 911? I shot a man who turned into a cat and need you guys to come get him out of my living room? You are going to be fitted for a white jacket and making macaroni art if you don't put down the phone.

Travis you are no help at all lol. You are acting like he shouldn't be freaked out. He absolutely should be freaked out.

Bailey you know you want that man. I understand being scared though. And they did just drop a bomb on you. I get that you need time.

Jordan you are so sweet and forgiving. Bailey don't mess this up for us okay?

Okay I vote we kill Kenyon. He is becoming an ache in my a**.

Damn Jordan...did you have to kill him? Ah well, I ain't mad at you.

Bailey is like "aww hell to the no I ain't touching no dead bodies bro" LOL

Jordan...say it with me "enthusiastic consent". It's a thing. Look it up. quit fronting. You're in too deep already for it to be "just sex". You helped a man cover up a dead body. You are the Bonnie to his Clyde sweetie. You're already past the casual hook up stage. Quit lying to yourself and your mate.

Jordan...did we not JUST talk about consent and how we need to get it FIRST? *sigh* If this were a fanfic it would need a dubcon warning.

Travis! Shut up! NOOOO


Uh oh, Bear's getting rowdy.

Bailey you are at work...ya'll scandalous lol

Jordan you better tell that man what you did. Keeping a secret like that is not cool yo.

Wolfsbane...I am having a Teen Wolf moment :)

Aww...poor Jordan.

Jordan figured out he's mated and he's not freaking out or feeling all betrayed...this is a surprise. A welcome one but still a surprise.

Jordan...dang boy. You just recovered from poisoning you horndog!

That's right Bailey you stay beside your man! Nobody put Bailey in a closet!

Bailey handling things like a boss! I wish they'd caught the intruder though. Who are they?

Not falling for it. The woman is a red herring. It's Harley. The attempts are trying to scare Bailey and but are trying to hurt Jordan. Plus, Harley had tried to make Spencer talk Bailey into taking him back. Yeah, putting my money on an obsessed Harley Grouper. I hope Bailey doesn't have a bunny b/c if he does fuzzy wuzzy rabbit just got boiled.

I don't know what it is lately but Hunters are on my crap list. Seriously, if they aren't named Sam and Dean, me no likey Hunters. Even on my tv shows *glares angrily at the Argents on Teen Wolf*

I KNEW IT HARLEY!!! Crazy, obsessed, cheating mofo.


Dang, how many people are they going to kill in this book LOL

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