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I'm an avid reader and aspiring author with an unhealthy devotion to the written word. From the classics to guilty pleasures and all points in between...I just love to read.   My primary focus at the moment is male/male romance, usually with a paranormal element thrown in. This is a place for me to rave about books I loved and rant about those I didn't. 

Valentino's Cowboy - Lynn Hagen Pre Read Thoughts:

YES YES YES IT'S ABE!!! I have been waiting forever for his book! Please be good, please be good, please be good *crosses fingers and toes*. Let him get a sweet, sexy, strong mate who won't treat him like he needs to be humored and will appreciate him and adore him PLEASE.

Post Read Thoughts: Confession: I was probably predisposed to like this book. Abe is one of my favorite characters in this verse and I've been waiting on his book forever! And even though that means there was a fair bit of pressure on Lynn Hagen to make the wait worth my while...I can honestly say I loved this book. This series is getting better with every book.

First of all Valentino is the perfect mate for Abe: He's not all "I am Alpha Male hear me roar!" but he is protective. He's sweet and attentive, loving and loyal and puts Abe first, even when it means his pride has to take a hit.

I felt like I got to know Abe a little better in this book. I always got the feeling he was treated as a bit of a hanger on by the Lakelands (not that they didn't like him but I never got the impression they thought of him as they humored him) and it broke my heart to hear his backstory and learn about all of his insecurities and lonliness. I do wish he had cleared the air a bit with the Lakelands b/c I do feel like certain conversations need to be had (between him and Gavin and him and Bryce for sure).

Valentino had a touching backstory as well that went a long way in explaining why he wasn't as aggressive or domineering as a lot of the other male shifters (a plus in my book). He wasn't a pushover by any means and he proved -more than once-he wasn't a man to trifle with but he also didn't feel like he had anything to prove.

I hope that Abe gets to make friends-real friends- like the rest of the mates have.

We got a little more info on Kenyon and the hunter situation...I have a feeling that will get worse before it gets better :/

I loved Abe and Valentino. They were sweet and sexy, goofy and adorable and just perfect for each other.

Thoughts While Reading:

The cat is named Mr. Bubbles o.o

I wonder if Damon is going to get a book eventually...or if he's a plant

Terminator is like "that's no vet, that's a cat" lol

I love the Lakelands.

Oh no...I hope Buster is okay.

Riley I love you but I'm gonna need you not to cockblock m'kay?

They are the cutest :)

You go Abe! Make him work for it :)

You pot stirring twins! Oh Abe you are so adorable.

ABE! What are you doing Abe? ABE ABE oh honey no.

OMG so cute. I am dying from the cute.

Okay I may be a little too determined to enjoy this story b/c I want Abe to get his HEA but dang it so far I adore it.

typo -I wonder who is supposed to proof these. Are they edited by the author or someone else...I mean, even (good) fanfic is beta read.

I adore Valentino. Perfect mate is perfect. I'm so glad he's so kind and sweet to Abe and he isn't domineering and overbearing like *some* of the shifter mates have been.

OH GOD ABE *facepalm* Baby is on the good drugs eh?

Aww poor Abe :( I agree though, I often felt like he was treated unfairly. He just wanted to belong and he was lonely...they kind of treated him like the cousin no one wanted but put up b/c he's family and that's what you do for family :(

His name is not Draco. All I can think of is Harry Potter lol

Aww poor Abe :( Somebody be my baby's friend :(

Valentino...the man just had surgery lol. Let him recover a little bit first. But I adore you :)

:( Poor Abe (I seem to feeling that way a lot lately)

NO not miscommunication :(

whew crisis averted

holy hotness Batman!

Uh oh insecurity...dun dun dun

And once again poor Abe. I knew he just wanted someplace to belong.

Ooh Valentino...Kitty has claws. Me likey.

OMG and once again poor Abe :(

My poor babies and their sad childhoods :(

who is this mystery fey?

Okay I don't know who Turi is but poor baby. Wood Elves, ya'll need to get your sh*t together b/c seriously. You guys are being total donkey butts.

sexy times are sexy

Mothercluckin hunters man ugh. I swear ya'll mofo's just mess up everything.

Abe needs to clear the air w/the Lakelands. They should know how he feels.

Freaking Wood Elves man. Poor Turi :(

I am laughing...Valentino you are NOT dressing Abe up like a cowboy. Giddy up Yee Haw!

Holy snap...when did everyone get so bloodthirsty. We just killing people left and right in these books now LOL

Love of money is the root of all evil and I am willing to bet the pursuit of the almighty dollar is going to be what brings Kenyon down.

Aww cute ending

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