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I'm an avid reader and aspiring author with an unhealthy devotion to the written word. From the classics to guilty pleasures and all points in between...I just love to read.   My primary focus at the moment is male/male romance, usually with a paranormal element thrown in. This is a place for me to rave about books I loved and rant about those I didn't. 

Fighting Temptation [Brac Village 11] (Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove) - Lynn Hagen Pre Read Thoughts: Oh thank goodness Turi's situation is going to get resolved quickly. And I kind of hope Abe is mentioned since I feel like a lot of his story has loose ends that need tying up.

Post Read Thoughts: Another winner. I am really liking these last few books. The endings often leave my jaw dropped and me anxious for more and this was no exception.

Carmine and Turi had an interesting "meet cute" and a bit of a bumpy road to travel but they managed to get through it with a lot of heat, a few laughs and a little honesty. I really felt like they were good for each other and I like that Carmine didn't let his fear rule him.

There was A LOT going on in this book and it definitely moved the plot along in ways that I did NOT expect and there were plot twists that made me go WHOA. I really enjoyed reading it.

Thoughts While Reading :

Turi I already like you :)

Carmine don't start that I'm a Dominant man ish. That way lies madness buddy.

Turi you are my new fave. My you can't come near my body whistle LOL

That was...weird. No earth moving, no overwhelming possessive feelings, just "you know you're my mate". Huh...that's new.

Turi I adore you and everything you choose to be. Toot Toot baby.

Carmine you cannot play dog in the manger with your mate. You don't get to not claim him yet demand everyone else keep their hands off at the same time. Though you can totes keep him safe from Uncle scumbag.

Poor Turi :(

Turi and his whistle are either going to be hilarious or annoying. Just please don't end up like Nero and his blue gloves :/

This should get interesting now.

You're falling Turi :)

Aww poor baby has never seen handcuffs. So adorable.

omg Turi is going to be such trouble.

Turi...don't do the thing. Don't do the thing.

You did the thing.

See what happens when you do the thing?

Ruh Roh...are you getting drawn in Carmine?

Somebody's jealous.

OMG Turi you are too adorable for words. But no more cooking for you LOL

I hope Kenyon is dead in a ditch somewhere.

Bowling date is so cute

Poor Carmine's dad.

Fight for your man Turi!

Just ew Wood Elves. Just ew. Worst. Father. Ever.

Sexy times are a go

Oh snap don't just spring bondage on your partner. Holy unnegotiated kink Batman.

Carmine...we gotta have a serious talk about kink negotiation homie.

It's hot though but still.

And we have another unnegotiated kink. Carmine...YOU need a spanking.

I cannot tell a lie, that was hot.

Kiki don't you be jerk man. I will cut you if you mess this up for Turi. got a few screws loose homie but I like you.

Poor Turi :( (I say that a lot in my reviews but it's my response to some of this stuff)

OH NO!!! Dang it. Man I like you Elves less and less with every book.

Kiki...i like you

OH OH OH snap...skeletons tumbling out of the closet!

Oh no :( Poor Kiki. Egon you suck donkey balls dude. (I know I know but it's a legit response)

Dang...Brac Village does not play. Someone needs to make a trailer for these books to that old Drowning Pool song "Bodies". Let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit floor, LOL. How many people have bit the dust in this series?

No but good looking out Carmine. Shoot the other jerk weasel.

Oh Kiki baby why on earth would you want to stay?

Turi is taking it as well as can be expected. I'm glad he's not mad at Carmine.

OH SNAP. Turi you cannot catch a break kid. You just went from bad to worse in the father department :(.

Oh just die already Egon. I hope Marino melts your face off.

You kinky little devils. They have a playroom...I love them.

OH SNAP OH SNAP MARINO ALREADY KNEW!!!! You 'bout to die Egon, you 'bout to die.

THAT ENDING...Oh I just KNOW Marino is going to be going after Turi at some point.

I wonder if Turi is going to have powers since he's half demon..a half demon, half elf...I wonder what powers he'll have

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