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I'm an avid reader and aspiring author with an unhealthy devotion to the written word. From the classics to guilty pleasures and all points in between...I just love to read.   My primary focus at the moment is male/male romance, usually with a paranormal element thrown in. This is a place for me to rave about books I loved and rant about those I didn't. 

Unassumed - Vicktor Alexander I really enjoyed this book. In fact, I liked it a lot more than I thought I would b/c the blurb makes it sound like there's quite a bit of angst and angst isn't really my favorite thing to read. There's definitely conflict but the story is a lot lighter than I expected so that was a plus for me.

Michael and Howell are an interesting couple in that it feels like they take awhile to really come together emotionally -which I appreciated b/c there's A LOT going on in this book in terms of their story and their pasts so it made sense to me that even though there was an instant connection as with all mate stories, it took (from my POV) awhile for the emotions to settle. Howell is a character that I've been interested in since his introduction in the first book in the series and I was anxious to read his book and see his story and it didn't disappoint. I feel like I got a glimpse into who he is and why he had some of the feelings towards mates and children that he had.

Micheal was a really easy character to care for. He didn't let the fact that he was deaf or his own struggles with trying to figure out which "box" he fit in define him. He was kind and sweet and strong enough to stand beside Howell and not hide behind him. I feel like they were a good balance to each other and I really hope that in future books we get to hear more about Howell's birth pack b/c I ADORED his grandmother.

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