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I'm an avid reader and aspiring author with an unhealthy devotion to the written word. From the classics to guilty pleasures and all points in between...I just love to read.   My primary focus at the moment is male/male romance, usually with a paranormal element thrown in. This is a place for me to rave about books I loved and rant about those I didn't. 

Like a Sparrow Through the Heart (Like a Sparrow, #1) - Aggy Bird I gave it two stars b/c I could tell that the author had talent and I feel like if I were reading something else by them with their writing style I'd probably enjoy it a lot.

I only made it to the third chapter of this book before I threw in the towel. I'm weird and I acknowledge and embrace my weirdness. I'm a bit of an odd duck (bird reference ftw): I don't mind unhealthy, dysfunctional-even abusive-relationship dynamics in my romances. Especially if its compelling and well written. Sometimes I'll even seek out stories with a little cray cray in them. There's a very specific condition attached to my ability to enjoy those type of relationship dynamics though and that is that I need to get the sense that the author understands that what they're serving up is in fact dysfunctional, unhealthy, abusive, ect. It troubles when I get the impression that the author doesn't quite grasp that NO this is not okay. NO this is not acceptable. NO there is no justification for being violent/demeaning/verbally/physically/emotionally abusive to someone. Depending on the characterization and world building there may be EXPLANATIONS but there no JUSTIFICATIONS. It's an important distinction and I feel really uncomfortable when I'm reading something with clearly abusive/unhealthy/dysfunctional elements in the romantic or soon to be relationship and the author tries to sell it to me as UST or "conflict that will be overcome by the power of love". I can't tell you how hard that hits my nope button.

As talented as I could tell the author was, I couldn't finish this b/c Talon's behavior was past the point of "jerk" or even bully. It was flat out abusive and I didn't get the sense that it was going to be treated as if it was abusive and that's just not okay with me.

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